Monday, September 11, 2006

6 Hours in Line

Any one who has ever served in the Army has experienced the SRP. Once referred to as a POM and probably 100 other names in between, the SRP is the place where soldiers go to make sure that they have all their shots, wills, life insurance and all the other items like that, that need to be done before a soldier goes to war.

What is unbearable, is waiting in line for over 4 hours to tell a clerk that there are no changes to my insurance information. I was however entertained by one of the civilians (who have been hired to work for soldiers) yelling at our flight surgeon. She told him he couldn't sit on the empty table he was resting on. Soon after a sign appeared on the table which read, "DON'T SET ON THIS TABLE". I'm not entirely sure I want these people anywhere near my insurance paperwork.

All told I spent 6 hours in a gym, and was told I don't need any shots, my eyes and hearing are good and there are no changes to my insurance...time well spent, I must say.

I think if I spend 4-6 hours in a line some place, I had better leave with some tickets to a concert or a sporting event of some kind...just saying.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Official Song of TFR

Apache Jump On It!
Nuff Said!

Or if you prefer this one...

You choose.

What's In A Name?

Why Task Force Rochambeau?

First a little history...

Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur,comte de Rochambeau (1725-1807).

As a lieutenant general, comte de Rochambeau commanded the French expeditionary army sent to help the American Revolution during 1780 to 1782. His skillful leadership and professional wisdom were vital to the American-French allied victory at Yorktown in September 1781.

To honor the spirit of GEN Rochambeau, our continuing efforts to assist the Iraqis to get back on their feet and fight off the terrorist thugs who are attempting to destroy what the Iraqis have built and are building we named our little band of brothers Task Force Rochambeau or TFR for short.

For more info on Rochambeau click here!


A hearty hail and howdy to everyone who has chosen to visit the TFR blog!

What is TFR? We are a collection of Army Aviators who are about to deploy (some of us for the 2nd and 3rd time) to Iraq in support of coalition efforts in that country.

During our deployment we hope to keep everyone entertained with tales of daring do and good old fashioned soldier bitching.